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Projects & Program Funding


For Rural & Urban Municipal Members

The AWSA offers various projects and programming to landowners within its membership area. Make sure to check this section throughout the year to see the latest updates on what we have available to you.

Alternative Land Use Services

ALUS enables landowners to implement beneficial management practices that benefit agricultural production and the environment. Our ALUS program follows a voluntary, incentive-based approach.

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ALUS: Producing, Enhancing, and Maintaining Ecosystem Services on Agricultural Lands

ALUS is dedicated to the production, enhancement, and maintenance of ecosystem services on agricultural lands—services that include clean air and water, increased soil fertility, erosion control, wildlife habitat, and more. We provide annual incentive payments for these vital ecosystem services created WHERE AGRICULTURE & NATURE MEET.

Since 2016, the AWSA has been offering the ALUS Saskatchewan Assiniboine Project (ASAP) to agricultural producers within its membership area. Through ASAP, we have successfully funded projects with close to 100 producers, covering over 7,500 acres of land!


Interested in learning more about ASAP funding? Click here to discover how you can participate.

For more information on the ALUS program across Canada, click here to explore the broader impact of our initiatives.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a transformative farming approach rooted in sustainability best practices. Regenerative agriculture mixes innovative farming and grazing practices to rebuild organic matter and restore soil biodiversity.

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Regenerative Agriculture aims to increase soil health through implementation of the
5 Principles of Soil Health:
1. Cover/armour the soil
2. Minimize soil disturbance
3. Increase plant diversity
4. Keep living roots in the soil
5. Integrate livestock

Incorporating regenerative agriculture into your farm’s production can reduce soil erosion, assist in water infiltration, and increase the soil’s water retention rate. This encourages healthy water quality, decreases nutrient runoff, and improves water availability for your crop.

AWSA offers a comprehensive program to support farmers in adopting regenerative practices for their farms. Through our program, we provide financial incentives to encourage the implementation of regenerative techniques.

Abandoned Water Wells

Old, abandoned wells are a threat of contamination to our groundwater
aquifers and a safety concern to landowners.

The AWSA has been decommissioning wells since 2009 and have sealed
more wells in our watershed than the rest of the province combined!

If you have an old, large diameter well on your property, contact the
AWSA to arrange for its proper decommissioning.

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Groundwater is a critical resource in the Assiniboine River Watershed because approximately 99% of our residents rely on groundwater for their drinking water. Protection of our aquifers is paramount, and one of the best practices to ensure safe source waters throughout our watershed is the decommissioning of abandoned wells.

Over the years, many wells on properties become abandoned without being properly decommissioned. These abandoned wells are a hazard to groundwater and a liability for property owners. Decommissioning your abandoned wells can increase your property value!

The AWSA has experienced contractors that will decommission your well according to the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency standards. Best of all, we take care of and coordinated every step of the process, and in most cases, it only costs the landowner $300 per well!

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