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About the Wallace Creek Watershed:

The Wallace Creek Watershed (WCW) is a sub-basin of the Assiniboine River Watershed located in East-Central Saskatchewan. WCW is approximately 692 km2, spanning just over 6 different Rural Municipalities: Good Lake (274, not a member), Sliding Hills (273), Wallace (243), Calder (241), Saltcoats (213), and Churchbridge (211). The only urban municipality located within the watershed is the village of Rhein. The main channel of Wallace Creek is an astonishing 302 km long! That’s almost the same distance as driving from Yorkton to Saskatoon! This inconceivable length is due to the unbelievable meandering nature of the creek which is a factor of the incredibly small amount of elevation drop from the creek’s headwaters to it’s confluence with the Whitesand River

.Wallace Creek Watershed


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