Let’s Protect the Assiniboine River Watershed Together


Let’s preserve the source water of the Assiniboine River Watershed together. By working together, we can contribute to multifaceted plans and projects dedicated to retaining safe and reliable water sources—for now and for the future.




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Proudly Serving East-Central Saskatchewan since 2007

Building a Community Movement That Connects Us All for Safe Water, Safer Future

AWSA is a collaborative approach to implementing strategic projects and plans in the Assiniboine Watershed. We aim to identify and target the potential risks threatening the water supply.

Our goal is to curate local solutions and initiate community involvement to ensure that every person in the Assiniboine River Watershed has a safe, reliable supply of drinking water, now and into the future. The timeline:

The Initiation

In 1995, after the historic floods, concerns regarding the deteriorating water quality raised concern among the locals.

First Step

In 1996, the authorities agreed to conduct the Upper Assiniboine River Basin Study.

Major Action

In 2002, the Saskatchewan Watershed Authority was establish and began a watershed stewardship planning initiative across the province.

AWSA Starts

In 2007, AWSA started its journey to initiate strategic collaboration for successful water protection plan implementation.

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AWSA Is a Local Platform for a Shared Vision!
A Healthy watershed for Everyone!

AWSA, Taking Everyone Towards A Safer Future

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