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For Rural & Urban Municipal Members

We offer tree planting equipment rental services and culvert infrastructure mapping services to all our rural and township members within the Assiniboine Watershed. The rent is available on a first-come, first-served basis. Get in touch with us to learn more about availability and equipment details.

Alternative Land Use Services (ALUS)

ALUS enables landowners to implement beneficial management practices that benefit agricultural production and the environment. Our ALUS program follows a voluntary, incentive-based approach.

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Landowners receive financial aid for implementing conservation, restoration, and sustainable land management projects.

The ALUS program aims to revolutionize traditional farming methods with innovative and sustainable methods. We encourage farmers within the watershed to be part of our ALUS module with financing, training, and other assistance.

In 2022, we provided funding for 14 producers in the Assiniboine watershed, and this year we aim to expand funding for 3 producers. Would you like to learn more about our funding options? Contact us now. If you are a member of AWSA, you get access to additional incentives such as farming tools and more. Become a member of AWSA and push the wheel toward real change.

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Learn More about Funding

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agriculture is a transformative farming approach rooted in sustainability best practices. Regenerative agriculture mixes innovative farming and grazing practices to rebuild organic matter and restore soil biodiversity.

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This process enhances soil fertility and crop health.

Incorporating regenerative agriculture into your farm’s production can reduce soil erosion, assist in water infiltration, and increase the soil’s water retention rate. This encourages healthy water quality, decreases nutrient runoff, and improves water availability for your crop.

AWSA offers a comprehensive program to support farmers in adopting regenerative practices for their farms. Through our program, we provide financial incentives to encourage the implementation of regenerative techniques.

For those interested in cover cropping or intercropping, we offer an annual payment of $35 per acre for three years. This not only helps cover the costs associated with adopting these practices but also provides an additional source of income for participating farmers.

In addition, we have a special opportunity for farmers looking to seed perennial forage on marginal cropland. Participants in this program will receive an annual payment of $35 per acre for five years, along with an establishment payment of $50 per acre (or $100 per acre along waterways). This initiative aims to transform challenging or underutilized land into productive and economically viable areas on your farm.

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For the Betterment of the Assiniboine Watershed & the Surrounding Communities

The 1995 flood brought our attention to the Assiniboine River and our relationship with it. Thereafter, we are making collective efforts to build a more sustainable relationship with the river to ensure any action within the watershed is beneficial to both people and nature.

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